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How do I login to the VPN?
Last Updated a year ago

Our VPN is connected to 'Active Directory', our centralized authentication system. Your username is the first part of your email and your password. 

Please note: Do NOT include '' when signing in - this will not work

  1. On your Windows or macOS computer, please open the program called "Forticlient".
  2. Open FortiClient, and go to the “Remote Access” tab on the left hand side (if you do not see this option, please submit a ticket):image
  3. Select the VPN titled "ESU #2" - if it does not exist, please create a ticket
  4. To connect, use your username and password used to get into your email, without esu2.orgimage
  5. A successful connection will be immediately minimized, but if you would like to double check, re-open Forticlient and you should see something similar to this:image

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